Friday, February 25, 2011

I'm back =)

Friday, February 25, 2011
I've been on tumblr for years now, and I hate to admit that I've abandoned my blogspot for so long.. but now I'm back =)


For a couple reasons. First of all, blogging on tumblr just doesn't seem appropriate all the time. It gets reblogged onto my facebook (which I do appreciate but not all the time. I like to be able to vent without everyone seeing it ;) Plus, Having a space on blogger makes me feel like I'm actually journaling, not just posting random tidbits that make me laugh/reflect.

Secondly, I feel more comfortable adding loads of pictures and making photolog entries on here =) Flickr has limits (I didn't renew my Pro Account since I wasn't taking as many pictures... at least until Mia was born haha)

Oh and for anyone who used to follow me and hasn't been updated, I am now a mommy =) And oddly enough, the title of my last blog entry is [MIA].. and my daughter's name is Mia haha

So.. I'm proud to introduce you to my beautiful baby girl
Mia Charlize Tungol

She was born on October 27th, which puts her at 4 months old on Sunday =) It's been a crazy 4 months since that day, but I absolutely love being a mother and wife to the two most important people of my life. Right now she's sleeping peacefully, and I'm taking a break from laundry and cleaning for a little breather!

Anyway, I'll post more photos and such soon.. I'm glad to be back on here.. I'll still have my tumblr account, but blogger is my home again. =)
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