Saturday, November 29, 2008


Saturday, November 29, 2008
JJ needs a break. He deserves a good time... a small getaway.


I need to come up with something quick... Something low-maintenance, but fun.

I think I got it. Just gotta do my research :)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Christmas shopping

Friday, November 28, 2008
So here I am, listening to music, burning CDs onto my laptop, while JJ tries to reassemble an airsoft that he disassembled (fail baby. fail.)... and I've decided I'm doing most of my Christmas shopping online. :)

Except tomorrow.

In only 5 hours, I'll be at the local used book store, which is having a 20% off sale, plus the first 100 customers get a free bag + a chance to win a $100 gift card... and I know I'm lame, and I'll probably one of only 40 people to show up, but I'm super stoked...


Because if I could get a single amazing gift this Christmas, I'd be happy with a new amazing book.

Currently, I'm reading a book called Super Flat Times, by Matthew Derby (click the link for the google preview)...

[* quick side note... HE ASSEMBLED THE GUN!! good job baby. i'll buy you breakfast on my way home :) *]

The book is pretty interesting so far... I may wrap it up and hand it down to someone by Christmas time... We'll see. :)

I need to buy more gift wrap too.. Meh. Dollar store purchase for sure.

I'm so not focusing... I felt the urge to blog, but now my mind is just jumping and wandering. I'm gonna go back to online shopping. :)

Monday, November 24, 2008

100 Things I Love About You

Monday, November 24, 2008
These are in no order whatsoever... Except of course the first one... I think... but then again, I could find other things more important, or just as important, later on... Well, we'll see. I'll just start :)

  1. I fit in your nook.
  2. You love me for exactly who I am... all the beauties.. all the "uglies".
  3. We just celebrated out 1st anniversary... it's been exactly a year since our first date.. and a year since you officially asked me to be your girlfriend.
  4. You survived a year of me and my family.
  5. My family loves you! Even Ate!!!
  6. The incredible level of trust and appreciation we have.
  7. We built this room and made it our home.
  8. Your new gray-free hair.
  9. Falling asleep nestled in your arms.
  10. Waking up on opposite ends of the bed, then squirming my way to your side of the bed.
  11. Your love of Yoo-Hoos.
  12. Our SUSHI adventures!
  13. Some of the best days we have together are those spent lazying around, watching movies.
  14. You have such a passion for music.
  15. Your car -- I feel sexy just being in it with you driving ;)
  16. Your friends... they feel like family to me too!
  17. You won't stop loving me!
  18. You love my body waaayyy too much LOL
  19. Our nights off ;)
  20. Our large, quickly-growing movie collection.
  21. The trips to the used book store :)
  22. Weekends in the city.
  23. Watching kids fall on the ice in the winter :)
  24. Remembering all the good times we've had.
  25. When you make me dinner.
  26. When we make dinner together.
  27. When I catch you looking at me... Even after all these years....
  28. You're one of the coolest guys I know.
  29. All of your scarves :)
  30. Your always-warm hoodies.. which smell like you when I wear them.
  31. Your goofy faces in our pictures.
  32. Your inappropriate groping hahahaha
  33. Your laugh.
  34. We complement each other so well!
  35. We have had exactly 2 fights in the past year. Pretty darn good streak!
  36. (According to you) I have influenced you to become a better person.
  37. You can be such a goofball.
  38. You don't care about eating only super healthy foods.
  39. You're not stingy.
  40. The way you always scratch your belly and stretch all obnoxiously in the morning.
  41. I still get butterflies every now and then.
  42. The way you always rub your legs against mine before you fall asleep.
  43. You sat through countless episodes of Sex and the City, AND went to the midnight showing of the movie with me.
  44. Your the only man I've been with to call me "baby"
  45. The way you say my name.
  46. The way my name sounds with your last name =)
  47. You've opened my eyes to a lot of different things.
  48. EL GALLO.
  49. Your sidekick is a trooper.
  50. Your family is my 2nd family.
  51. You are such a jerk sometimes.
  52. Your nicely trimmed eyebrows.
  53. You got myspace, facebook, tumblr, AND blogger accounts because of me.
  54. I got hooked on craigslist, honda-tech, and youtube because of you.
  55. Your kisses still feel like the first kiss.
  56. Turning our cell phones off to enjoy each other's company.
  57. Watching you beat someone in a race.
  58. Holding hands or walking with your arm around me.
  59. You can identify actors / movies they've been in -- all in a split second.
  60. Your backrubs and footrubs!
  61. You spoil me rotten!
  62. The way you iron your tshirts before we go somewhere nice.
  63. Your urban style.
  64. You leave the bathroom door unlocked when you shower.
  65. When you come home from work, you make sure to take off all your dirty clothes before snuggling...
  66. You go straight for my stummy and kiss it every day.
  67. My booty snuggles straight into your hips.
  68. Your light snoring.
  69. <--You would laugh at this number.
  70. You can speak tagalog.
  71. You respect your elders (as long as they're cool) lol
  72. You love your family.
  73. You don't mind driving long distances since I hate it so much.
  74. You're from the South Side.
  75. You try reading a lot for me.
  76. You sometimes eat just because you know I hate eating alone.
  77. The comfortable security I have just being with you.
  78. You know so many random facts that really impress me.
  79. You don't mind washing the dishes.
  80. You're very self-sufficient.
  81. But you still depend on me -- which I absolutely LOVE!
  82. You are really good at singing on Rock Band.
  83. My engagement ring is the most significant, valuable materialistic thing in my life =)
  84. You get entertained by simple things like Dust-Off.
  85. I have to explain situations or odd facts for you to remember who my friends are [* example: Angelica was the one who sat across from me at the restaurant... the one who's kinda short... with the laugh... she got up and made her own food... etc etc. *]
  86. You don't care that I talk about my past from time to time.
  87. You aren't annoyed or upset easily.
  88. Your baby pillows.
  89. You hate fluffy pillows so I get all of them =)
  90. You can pull off the sweater vest look.
  91. When it's really cold (or windy), you always zip up my jacket or pull up my hoodie for me.
  92. Mac Sauce.
  93. Your stashes of cream soda & grape soda.
  94. How sexy you looked when you dressed up for our anniversary plans.
  95. The way we just lay in bed in the morning before a chaotically busy day.
  96. Your kisses on my forehead and tip of my nose.
  97. Your independent label tees.
  98. Your black book.
  99. You are virtually drama-free.
  100. You're the coolest person I know!
That's definitely not a list of the only reasons I love you... or the most obvious... they're just the only ones that ran through my mind.

Thanks for the most amazing year of my life baby... Here's to many more years of undeniable rapture. ^_^

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday, November 20, 2008

How amazing would THIS be?!
I am deathly afraid of heights, yet seeing this made me want to be up in the air..
Next summer Need-to-Do:
Hot Air Ballooning

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I hate fluorescent lights. I prefer lamps.
Flourescent lights expose the ugly side of people, while lamps create a soft, warm glow.
Flourescent lights hurt my eyes when I'm just waking up, while lamps help my eyes gradually adjust.
Flourescent lights make me think of working (in a stressful atmosphere), while lamps make me think of reading (in a cozy atmosphere).
"Flourescent lights" is probably not even how you SPELL it properly; "lamps" is something I learned how to spell in 1st grade.

[I definitely just broke my parallel prose.]

I hate flourescent lights. I prefer lamps.
We have both in our bedroom... and he always turns on those fluorescent lights!!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Tuesday, November 11, 2008
By the start of summer, I really wanna achieve my goals... These have been put off for so many months, due to several "excuses":
1) Pure lazy attitude
2) Re-organization of priorities -- family issues. "moving". family issues.
3) No time for relaxation - every time I DO find time to do these things, I end up sleeping now. haha

So.. without further ado, my early resolutions:

[1] Read more books!
[2] Advance my art skills (in the form of 'word art' that is haha)
[3] Go back to working out regularly.
[4] Maintain a proper diet (this time, without all the anorexic behaviors haha)
[5] Save money -- pay off those BILLS!
[6] Race JJ's car ;)

Yep... someday folks... someday. Hopefully by the start of summer I'll get myself [committed.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Post #100!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Archos 605 WiFi

Thursday, November 06, 2008
This is going to be my next big purchase. =)
Add the $30 for WiFi and $75 for a DVR Recorder, and I'll be good to go! =D

never satisfied.

People are never satisfied. We come up with new things to complain about every single day.

Whether it's being stuck in traffic, crappy weather, crying babies in a waiting room, (preteens), politics, or cold food, there are always negative comments.

The past few days was beautiful weather. Yesterday I had a customer who still found a reason to complain:

"What is going on with this weather? It's November. It should be cold already! [Darn] global warming."

Smile. It's nice out, you got your drugs, and you can enjoy the rest of your night NOT dealing with people like yourself.

Shut up already.
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