Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Tuesday, November 11, 2008
By the start of summer, I really wanna achieve my goals... These have been put off for so many months, due to several "excuses":
1) Pure lazy attitude
2) Re-organization of priorities -- family issues. "moving". family issues.
3) No time for relaxation - every time I DO find time to do these things, I end up sleeping now. haha

So.. without further ado, my early resolutions:

[1] Read more books!
[2] Advance my art skills (in the form of 'word art' that is haha)
[3] Go back to working out regularly.
[4] Maintain a proper diet (this time, without all the anorexic behaviors haha)
[5] Save money -- pay off those BILLS!
[6] Race JJ's car ;)

Yep... someday folks... someday. Hopefully by the start of summer I'll get myself [committed.

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