Thursday, November 08, 2007

Warning Labels + Rules

Thursday, November 08, 2007
I created my very own first breakup rule: Destroy all pictures where he looks sexy and you look happy.

Breakup rule No. 2: Until emotionally stabilized, enter no stores.

Breakup rule No. 3: Never stop thinking about him, even for a moment.because that’s the moment he’ll appear.

And finally, the most important breakup rule: No matter who broke your heart or how long it takes to heal,you’ll never get through it without your friends.

So I got to wondering what it would be like if everyone had warning labels..
"Takes an hour to get ready for a date."
"Obsessed with working out and looking good."
"Constantly flirtatious."

Would we be less inclined to get to know someone if we knew in advance what the bad side was? I mean, we all know that no one is perfect. Which means there are aspects about the opposite sex that technically would turn you off.. So if, for example, I knew that he kept his personal life completely confidential and didn't like his friends becoming friends.. I probably wouldn't have even bothered giving him my name. But at the same time, after knowing all of this eventually, I still stuck around..

Do we judge too quickly before getting to know someone, therefore too easily ruin something that could possibly be good?

At the same time.. if I had only known how things would have turned out, maybe I wouldn't have gotten hurt so badly..

Maybe people SHOULD come with a warning label..

my warning labels? hmmm...

Warning: Does not cooperate well with cheaters. Enjoys PDA occassionally, but not regularly. Loves adventures - don't be boring. Likes it rough. ;) hahaha

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