Thursday, April 09, 2009


Thursday, April 09, 2009
I feel as if the reason for my lack of blogging is because I've recently been hooked on the "quick-blog" ideals behind twitter. Because my cell is attached to the account, I can blog a few words just by texting.. or I can easily access it from the web on my sidekick too... It's just a lot more convenient than sitting down and blogging during my hectic schedules.

Anyways, enough of THAT plug. This weekend, I'm off to the drive-in. The movies that are playing are Monsters vs Aliens and Fast & Furious. We decided to invite the shop that JJ and his crew go to, and in turn, they invited everyone that came by for work. So now I believe we have at least 10-15 cars coming along.. not sure if everyone will be bringing dates or not, but we have a pretty good turn out expected =) After the movies, we're all going to cruise. I cannot WAIT! I have my camera ready and cupcakes baking. Well, not EXACTLY cupcakes. I absolutely love Bakerella's work so I decided to try her famous Cake Pops. I'm making two types of cake pops. The first one will be a blue "blob" [aka BOB].. and the second one, to tie along with F&F, will be a shift knob =)

I'm prettttyy excited about these.. I'm also baking regular cupcakes because I don't know how many people for sure are showing up, but I AM sure that the pops will be wiped out in no time. =)

I also recently made my own birthday cake [2 weeks ago].. Sadly I don't have a decent picture of it because we went out to eat and they brought the cake out at the end.. and it all came in a flash [no pun intended] and next thing I knew, we were already slicing it. I do, however, have a couple pictures blowing out the candles... you can somewhat see how nice the cake turned out:

and here's a side view:

It was delish! I did a Pina Colada cake with Malibu Coconut Rum whipped cream frosting =)

Sadly I'm not at my laptop at the moment so I don't have the bookmarked recipe.. I'll update this when I'm home so you guys can try it too.. The frosting, however, was super easy. Store-bought whipped cream, with about... 5 tablespoons of rum ;) Fold it together gently [DO NOT just mix it together. It will go flat and sad.]

Anyways, I'm off.. it's a beautiful day outside, and I have my camera =) Not sure where I'm going yet, but it's too gorgeous to stay indoors.

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