Monday, March 05, 2007

true story.

Monday, March 05, 2007
me (10:49:32 PM): i hate him.
friend (10:49:55 PM): why is that?
me (10:49:54 PM): i will never stop loving him. and because of that.. i hate him
me (10:50:02 PM): i hate that no matter how hard i try to get over him, he's always there. me (10:50:19 PM): he's always going to be someone that i want back.. because of everything he ever meant to me
me (10:50:36 PM): he was terrible to me
me (10:51:04 PM): u know that? i bragged about him all the time.. but it was because i was stupid enough to think that everytime something went wrong, it was my fault
me (10:51:22 PM): he knew that.. and because he knew that i never blamed him, he never blamed himself either
me (10:51:38 PM): and now that he's realized all of this, he has a new girlfriend.. and he's 'making things right' with her
me (10:51:49 PM): she's getting exactly what he thinks i wanted in a boyfriend
me (10:52:00 PM): all the things he realized he did wrong to me, he's doing right with her me (10:52:09 PM): because relationships come in patterns
me (10:52:14 PM): but in the end, you just get hurt
me (10:52:27 PM): if you truly love the person, you're the one that gets hurt

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