Saturday, September 22, 2007


Saturday, September 22, 2007
I know that it's simple.. the things I like most are when we are together.. especially when we are alone..

but sometimes I'm reminded by all the things that bothered me in the past.. I'm reminded of things that you do that I don't appreciate.. and it totally just kills the moment for me.

Sometimes I feel used.. sometimes I feel neglected.. sometimes I feel like I'm acting desperate.. but I shouldn't be..

I keep giving and giving and when we're together it's like you're not really there with me lately.. you're texting others while you're with me [one of my biggest pet peeves, and i'm pretty sure you already know that].. you don't smile as much when you're with me anymore.. you don't compromise as much to the things that i want to do when we're together..

I miss the past. I miss what we had. What did I do that suddenly make you treat me like this..

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