Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Tuesday, December 16, 2008
Why do girls care so much about their looks? What compels us to worry in such excess about how we will be judged by women and men alike? I can't say that I am a woman apart... I am guilty of such behavior as well. But honestly, I'm starting to not care. I'm done dressing "trendy" and stylish. I just want to be more practical. I think it has to do with the fact that I'm so comfortable in my life on a whole (well, of course there's stress and drama, but that's obviously besides the point).

That level of comfort that I've been able to find in my own life I guess reflects the level of confidence I have as well. And that's something I know I'm lucky to have achieved. There are so many people, women and men alike, that are desperate. Desperate to fit in, desperate to find "the one", desperate to be something they may or may not be. Maybe it's the time of year. Everything is so rushed and blurry during the holidays. You start to forget to relax sometimes... you forget to smile.

**totally lost my train of thought. moving on to a slightly off tangent**

I came across this poem in a compilation of writings on beauty.. and I am so drawn to it that I had to post it.

"Whether spawned by hell or sprung from the stars,
Fate like a spaniel follows at your heel;
you sow haphazard fortune and despair,
ruling all things, responsible for none.

Dazzled, the dayfly flutters round your wick,
crackles, flares, and cries: I bless this torch!
The pining lover for his lady swoons
like a dying man adoring his own tomb.
-Charles Baudelaire, Hymn to Beauty

It's only an excerpt of many comparisons that Mr Baudelaire makes in association with beauty. I am so intrigued by it because it takes on both the good and ugly side of beauty. A woman (or man) could be blessed with astonishing physical features and yet take full advantage of others with that beauty and make them a completely ugly person on the whole. On the other hand, one could be just another face in the crowd, completely overlooked, and yet have a personality that one could argue would be one of the most beautiful people on earth.

If only people could get past the superficial and open their eyes a bit. This world would be so different...

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