Tuesday, December 16, 2008

love.. theoretically.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008
So we just finished watching Love Actually. And I truly enjoyed it... but... I realize now how differently I watch these movies.

Once upon a time, I would watch all these romantic comedies (sucker for Hugh Grant). I would hope that one day someone would (figuratively) sweep me off my feet and give me a happily ever after. Then I went through a phase of hating The Notebook and A Walk to Remember... fully knowing that I would never be as happy as the characters in those movies (or other Nicholas Sparks novels).

But now... I am settled with one man for the rest of my life... and as I watch the credits roll on yet another movie featuring Hugh Grant and Kiera Knightley, I can't help but be completely in awe. He rarely gets me flowers (I'm actually not a fan at all), he farts a lot, he's lazy, he's a jerk to lots of people, and he can get pretty darn annoying... but with all of that said... I absolutely love him. I couldn't imagine being with anyone else right now... and as much as this makes others sick to their stomachs to hear, I just want to express how lucky I feel to be with someone who can love me back so completely.

Ok, I kinda made myself want to throw up a little there.

Point being... it's not a fairy tale, it's not a harlequin novel, it's not another chick flick romantic comedy.. It's my life.. and it's a dream come true.


And it's changed me in a way that I'm enjoying: I've stopped analyzing my life to the point of insanity. I've been able to take a step back and expand my horizons. I stopped focusing on all the petty little drama and just... moved on.

Yeah, it seems like my life is so simple now, but it's far from it. I'll vent here and there... I'll throw my tantrums once in a while... but I have to admit... life hasn't been the same... and I absolutely love it.

It's love(really).

*lame!!! hahaha

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