Sunday, January 25, 2009

Getting Old

Sunday, January 25, 2009
Is this a sign of getting old? That going out for dinner now means popping up the road to a comfortable, cozy local restaurant? That I never have to even consider making an effort with my clothes? That not only am I always home by eleven o'clock, but that if I weren't I might die of exhaustion?

, Jane Green

Every time JJ doesn't have work, I usually stay home and either stumble along the web, watch a movie, bake, clean, or flip between Food Network, BBCA, TLC, and HGTV. Most people would find this horrifying and/or depressing... but I actually don't mind it. Well, sometimes I DO get antsy and wish I had gone out, but by the time I get into bed, I'm pretty satisfied. On the nights when JJ is home, I do enjoy going out.. mostly because I feel like I don't want to miss the opportunity for an adventure with him.. but then again, I absolutely love our movie nights. I think I am getting old though. I guess we've got our local spots - definitely have a breakfast spot (with the same orders every time).. DEFINITELY have a favorite late-night Mexican food joint.. we have a few local bars, but they're about 20 minutes away. And one of my favorite things to do IN the area is just browse through the used book store.

Yeah... getting old = getting comfortable... which some people could interpret as being boring.. but I think I'm getting used to it and actually loving it. =)

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