Friday, January 23, 2009

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Friday, January 23, 2009
Recently I've become re-addicted (new word) to baking. I always loved making cookies, but I've "graduated" to cupcakes. I think my favorite was the red velvet cupcakes I made for JJ's birthday... It's a lot of work, but I absolutely love the turn out.. even if it isn't the best looking.

But in the midst of my cupcake Monster craze, I've pushed off one of my other hobbies. I stopped scrapbooking.. and I think I need to get back to that. There's a lot of memories I've overlooked simply because they aren't as milestone-esque type of events... They're just the typical "Wednesday night off so let's go to Chinatown" events.. or even just relaxing at Franco's house... but we still took PLENTY of pics, and still laughed a LOT...

So this is just a blog to remind myself that, while baking and learning how to slowly become a professional (through trial and error of course) is so much fun, I need to stay rooted to my other passions as well.

Sooooo.... this weekend I think I'm going to work on my studio in the basement. We have an extra room that looks like it used to be a workshop (thank you, past owners!) I've already cleaned it up a lot, but it needs some scrubbing on the floors, and since the flooding, we've pushed a lot of our basement junk into that room.

Things I'm planning on improving in that room:
  • Bring in a couple extension cords.. I think there's only 2 outlets
  • Toss out all the junk!
  • Fix the cabinets
  • Buy more organizational equipment woo hoo! trip to iKea! ;)

      • Buy new printer ink [* 16 / 26 *]
      • Scrub the floors!
      • Eventually repaint the walls. well.. I'll let JJ do this ;)
I think that's pretty much it. It's mostly just a lot of cleaning involved. But I'm definitely glad I have the day off =)

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