Sunday, February 08, 2009

Catch Up Time

Sunday, February 08, 2009
So, JJ called off on Friday and Saturday, which leaves Sunday for me to catch up on all the things I normally do on weekends...

As much as I blog about how I hate his job and wish we could have every weekend together, I do appreciate the time for "me myself and I". I had a lot of fun this weekend because the weather was so beautiful (60 degrees in JANUARY?! WHAT?!?!).. but now it's time to get back to business...

By the end of today, I need to:
  • Finish my birthday invitations by the end of the day so that I can send them out tomorrow.
  • Give myself a manicure / pedicure.
  • Fix my eyebrows.
  • Re-post all of my craigslist listings that have expired (anyone looking for an iPod, Rockband for Wii, or a folding bike? lol)
  • Bake lemon cookies :) I've been craving them for soo long and keep pushing off the baking. I've had the ingredients just waiting for 2 weeks. -sigh-
  • Reach my quota of Food Network couch potato time ;) haha
  • Possibly write blogs about the few notes I jotted down over the past 2 days.
We'll see how productive I can be.. I'm already in my most comfortable, "reserved for lazy Sunday afternoons" outfit... I'll at least get the invitations and baking done... and for sure the couch potato time LOL

JJ and I also both have tomorrow night off... So that's even MORE "let's be lazy together" time =) That means I definitely need to get everything done today so that I can enjoy tomorrow night :D

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