Wednesday, February 25, 2009

ugh. sticking to party planning.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009
I'm in a grumbly mood. I'm disappointed in a new experimental cake mix gone wrong. I baked the first 6 test cupcakes and didn't get the consistency and fluffiness I wanted. I altered a few components and still failed to get a good cupcake. I was so frustrated with the whole recipe that I just gave up on it altogether.

To put myself in a better mood, I've started planning out my birthday party. I keep changing plans to accommodate others.. which is probably going to lead in a hectic birthday..

But I've done some research and I'm pretty excited with my plans (here's hoping that they don't get altered again ha)

On my ACTUAL birthday, which falls on a Thursday, I'm taking my family to Yolk for breakfast / brunch.

Then we will part ways and JJ and I will stay in the city. He's getting me a dSLR and I want to experiment with it as much as possible =)

After a day of exploring and adventuring, I'm thinking of doing a dinner or maybe just cocktails. Something more easy going but still celebratory. For that, my options are either Rock Bottom or Uncle Julio's in the Lombard / Oak Brook area. Or if we're still enjoying the city, I'd like to go to Wrigleyville.. maybe have the South Side Boys swing by..

On FRIDAY, JJ and I have some secret plans =) Then we're meeting up with everyone at 6pm for dinner at Claim Jumper in Lombard. I love going there for one very big LARGE reason:
The Chocolate Motherload Slice...

Super Moist Slice of our
Six-Layer Chocolate Cake
with Chocolate Chips, Fresh Walnuts
and Chocolate Fudge Frosting.... for just $9.95!!

I know. I'm such a cakemonster. I know.

After dinner, I'm still very unsure of where to go. It'd be easy if everyone was 21+, but there is just too many of our group that is still underage. I wouldn't want to exclude them. So Dave and Busters it is! =) It'll be nice because we're all dressing up nicely for dinner..

I'm pretty excited! Only 1 month to go! =D

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