Monday, March 02, 2009

a recap of the weekend

Monday, March 02, 2009

This past weekend was pretty easy-going.. JJ and I went out with his brother and our friend, Franco on Saturday. First we went to iLL Garage to talk to the guys about installing / ordering parts for JJ. Franco was pretty upset because 1) his car got towed for parking on the wrong side of the lot (lame business owners who aren't even there on weekends!!!) and 2) he was super hungry.

Sooo, we decided to take a random trip to the city and check out a Korean BBQ restaurant called Cho San Ok, as recommended by Tommy. We arrived after an hour, and there was a line out the door! Although slightly discouraged, we stuck with the plan after a whiff of deliciousness seeped out. I'm pretty sure we ended up waiting another 30 minutes just to get seated, but MAN was it worth the wait!

After eating, we all wanted dessert but couldn't think of anywhere that we wanted to go.. We ended up at Steak and Shake back closer to home. Although all we wanted to do was get some shakes to-go and watch a movie, we decided to just stay and relax a little before ending the night.

Did you know S&S now has burger SHOTS?

I find it entertaining how people would rather buy 2-3 of these, which sound like a great steal since they're only 89cents (or 99cents w' cheese)... but if you were to get a full sandwich, which is equal to those 2-3 shots, it'd end up being about the same price anyway.. The novelty of being things bite size seems to be all the craze lately. Personally, I'm not a fan of too much bun, so I'd take the regular sized burger / frisco melt anyday.

On Sunday, JJ and I spent some quality time together.. which was GREAT! It was one of those perfect days where we didn't run out of things to say to each other, and we even had a successful shopping trip. You see, every time I attempt to take JJ with me on my shopping trips, I end up not spending anything because he is a buzz kill to me (I love you baby, but it's true lol).

After shopping, we ate dinner at Cheesecake Factory.. a restaurant JJ had been hating on for a very long time ;) I somehow convinced him that we should try it just once.. and now he loves it! =)

Sadly, I didn't take any pictures, but I highly recommend getting the Thai Lettuce Wraps (under appetizers).. they filled JJ and me up so much that we hardly touched our entrees! But we did absolutely love our own orders as well: I had the Cajun Jambalaya (over rice, not pasta) and JJ ordered the Diane Steak & Shrimp combo. We took them to go and saved it for later. Then we headed home, changed to comfy clothes, and watched 3 movies :D -- Body of Lies, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, and Death to Smoochy... Even though I had an early morning, we ended up going to bed around 4:30am.. Despite the major lack of sleep, I woke up smiling as I recalled the weekend...

I wish every weekend was this awesome.. =)

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