Friday, May 22, 2009

new hobby?

Friday, May 22, 2009
In the past year, I've developed a number of hobbies / collections that I still am absolutely hooked on:
  • photography
  • baking
  • scrapbooking / card making
  • vinyl toys (this is slightly diminishing with every paycheck that needs to go to other purposes & hobbies lol)
But now I'm truly considering adding something new to the mix..

  • Because I would like to own clothes and purses and other cute items that no one else can find.
  • Because I'm cheap.
  • Because I've pondered the idea of uploading my own products on etsy :)
  • Because when we finally start having kids, I want to be able to make them clothes ;) [which, I'm sure, as they get older, they will hide under the bed]
With that said, I kind of need to start LEARNING how to sew.. and how to follow patterns.. and how to get creative.. yes, yes, baby steps.. baby steps..

I'll probably check out JoAnn Fabrics and other hobby stores (of which I am definitely a regular).. or maybe even see if they offer anything at the community colleges around my area..

hmmm... hopefully it's not that hard :o)

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