Thursday, May 07, 2009

Work Rants

Thursday, May 07, 2009
So, I'm all for saving money and can definitely say I struggle with it often.. but there are some patients that come to our store that drive me INSANE with their ridiculous financial solutions..

For example.. we have one patient who is on public aid (ILMED).. generally, all generics are sold at no charge, and preferred brand names (those that do NOT have a generic available and are considered common medications) are $3. Well, today, her son (about 20-21 yrs old) comes to pick up the medications and I tell him his total for THREE prescriptions is $3. The response I receive: "WHAT?! What do you MEAN it costs money. three DOLLARS!? She don't give me no money. Shoooot" and then he walks away. He EXPECTED three medications to be free..


The patient after him paid $40 for one medication, which he receives on a monthly basis. And he always has a smile on HIS face when we see him.

Don't get me wrong, I know some people really do struggle with money and saving $3 here and there is a huge deal.. but I also know that that's not the case with many of our customers.

Oh, and that guy came back in an hour. Handed me his $3... in quarters, and said something smart like "here ya go. yo bus money"...

There are definitely some new demographics coming into the pharmacy nowadays.. and I'm not sure I'm enjoying the change. =/

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