Saturday, August 01, 2009

bye bye july =(

Saturday, August 01, 2009
Holy cow, is it August already?? I'm starting to think how the rest of the world is thinking: summer is flying by so quickly. Actually, it feels like this whole YEAR is zipping by me much too quickly..

I'm considering all the things I have yet to accomplish this year, and realize I've only got 5 more months til 2010!

Sooo.. list time.

Things to Do Before 2010: (edit: sadly I'm compared this list with a list I made at the beginning of the year and had to add a lot more lol)
  • Start/finish reading Harry Potter books (yes, I know, I'm about 2304798 years late on this fad)
  • Lose weight (actually, I'm realistically on that road already, but I just want to reach my goal before summer of NEXT year - cuz this year's billion food adventures just left me no choice but to gain at least 20 lbs hahaha)
  • Get serious about cooking - this includes checking out culinary schools and programs at my community college =)
  • Blog more often
  • Enhance my music collection; my DVD collection is pretty strong now, so it's time to move on to music!
  • On that note: buy a new iPod.. my 2gb sucks. haha
  • Sox game!
  • Print pictures for framing; yeah this one I've been meaning to do since my BIRTHDAY (and that was in March lol)
So actually the list isn't very long at all.. so I guess it's do-able.. Here's to the final 5 months of the fastest year of my life!

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