Thursday, August 17, 2006

More Sex & the City Reflections

Thursday, August 17, 2006

So in one of the episodes in Season Four, Miranda meets a guy at the gym. He finds her sexy [in fact he keeps repeating that statement several times in the episode] and Miranda hardly even says a word. She feels so confident about herself and she, herself, begins to believe how sexy she can be. This is a pretty exciting moment, since she hardly ever sees herself as 'sexy' ('cute' and 'intelligent', yes). So on the next date, she decided to tell Mr. Bodybuilder all about herself, and she even boldly leans in for a kiss to initiate some fire. Because she is caught up in her newfound self-confidence, she is a bit surprised/confused when he ends up calling it a night before her lips touch his.
Why, you ask?
Well, at the gym in a later scene, after not having returned any of her calls, Mr. Bodybuilder admits to Miranda that "she's a bit full of herself"
So all that time that Miranda was able to carry a wave of self-pride, but it was a turn off to the guy she was dating because he felt that she was just too cocky for him.

Alright so girls deserve to feel sexy. I'm not saying everyone should go out and there and leave nothing to the imagination for guys walking down the street, but at least they should be able to feel like they are the most beautiful, most powerful woman in town.

I started feeling this way recently and decided I wanted to feel like that. I've been a little depressed because of some drama that has complicated my life way beyond my comfort zone, so I did what I do best in stressful situations:

I went shopping.
Because I wanted to feel more "sexy" I decided to go splurge at Victoria's Secret. I ended up buying a nice new collection of lingerie that definitely boosted my confidence.
Today I went on a little group date with him and a few friends and I wore my new "Very Sexy Infinity Edge" push up bra with 2 layered tank tops and capris. As I got dressed in the morning I truly felt sexier than I had ever felt in the past week.s
When I was finally alone with him, however, he admitted that he had been upset that I was wearing such a revealing outfit, and that he couldn't understand why I would buy a bra to make my 'assets' look bigger, meaning guys would look.
I instantly felt that wave of pride wash away with each word he spoke. I understood where he was coming from, but it FELT so good to LOOK that good that I was thoroughly saddened that he was not happy for me, or even excited about my new lingerie. It truly got me wondering, though. Should I be feeling guilty? Every girl deserves her moments of sexiness and pride. But is there a difference between a girl who is proud of her body and a whore?

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