Thursday, March 06, 2008

Separation of the Heart

Thursday, March 06, 2008
I'm starting to move into a different phase of the relationship. I'm not in the mindset that I need to spend every moment of my free time with him, nor do I feel that I need to constantly be on the phone with him if we're apart..

I'm comfortable being separate from him. I'm not losing faith or the love or anything.. I still want to have the beautiful future we have planned out already... I still love him with everything I've got..

But I'm not at all feeling clingy like I was before.. I don't mind not doing my own thing for a while. In fact, when he feels like being a bum or just relaxing and I want to go out, I feel that I wouldn't feel obliged to stay in...

It's like the pressures of being in a relationship are suddenly melting away... Things are starting to look much much more simple.. and happy..

Well.. that is until I start thinking about expenses =P But that's for another blog another night..

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